Hi! My name is Tiffany and I'm your new soap lady! I'm also a nurse and I won't claim that my soap will cure anything.  Here's my spiel:

Your skin is your largest organ. YES! It’s an organ, so we should care for it just like our other organs. Think about the “soap” in the supermarket. Most don’t say “soap” on the label, but instead are called: bath bar, beauty bar, body bar, refreshing bar. Few actually say “soap” because they may include detergents and other chemicals that we can’t even pronounce. I had been looking for a way to actually know what I was using on my skin, so I decided to make my own real soap.

I started selling soaps locally to family and friends in western NY and settled on a logo that included a buffalo in soap suds (props to my hometown). Folks from near and far wanted to give it a try, so I began selling on Etsy. I am now moving away from Etsy in hopes to become more independent and be my own boss with more flexibility with selling and listing.  Here, you will find a wider product variety and lower prices than my Etsy shop offers. 

All of my bar soaps sold here are HANDMADE by me personally from scratch in small batches.  Each bar is unique, therefore sizes will vary from 4-4.5oz each after cure time. Please allow for some variations in color and size. 

If you’re wishing for something specific, just send a message for a custom batch, and I’ll get to work.

If you need a large set of soaps for a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding, special occasion or event, send a message and I’ll be happy to help.

Information on ingredients I use to make soaps for you (check each listing/label for exact ingredients):
Palm Oil: conditioning, hardness of the bar, lather
Coconut oil: adds lather, bubbles, hardness
Olive Oil: conditioning, moisturizing
Cocoa Butter: hardness, conditioning, lather stabilizer
Shea Butter: stabilizes lather, hardness, long lasting bar
Castor Oil: stabilizes lather
Lye (sodium hydroxide): necessary for the chemical reaction “saponification” to take place that turns oils into soap. All real soap is made with lye. After the cooking and reaction process, there is no lye in the final product.
Sodium lactate: liquid salt that produces a harder and longer lasting bar. It is produced from the fermentation process of sugars in corn and beets.